New Delhi. 10 May 2024. In light of the imminent Theaterization, the Indian Armed Forces are intent on giving momentum to the ongoing Jointness and Integration initiatives amongst the three services.

“Parivartan Chintan”, a pioneering conference for the heads of all Tri-services Institutes, aimed at generating novel reformative ideas & initiatives, was conducted on 08 Apr 2024. Parivartan Chintan – Il, chaired by Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan, is planned over a period of two days on 09-10 May 2024 in New Delhi.

The Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan addressing the two-day “Parivartan Chintan II” event, in New Delhi on May 09, 2024.

Members from all the sub-committees of the apex Chiefs of Staff Committee; the CDS as its permanent Chairman and the three Service Chiefs, shall review the progress made in multiple domains, and ideate on the necessary reforms to achieve the desired end state towards transformation through jointness and integration.

An integrated theatre command aims to unify the three Services’ command over geographical theatres (areas of strategic and security concern) under the direction of a single commander.

With seamless effectiveness, the commander of this force will be able to utilise every resource available to him, including the Indian Air Force, the Army, and the Navy. Individual Services will not answer to the integrated theatre commander. Resource duplication can be prevented by the three forces working together and integrating. All services will have access to the resources listed under their respective sections. Three integrated theatre commands were suggested by the Shekatkar committee in 2015: the northern one for the China border, the western one for the Pakistan border, and the southern one for the maritime role.