New Delhi. 21 September 2020. The one day entitled ration has adequate calories to meet the energy expenditureof soldiers posted in Siachen.

The ration scales are designed based upon nutritional requirement of a soldier as per their energy expenditure under different climatic conditions. In High Altitude Areas (above 12000 ft), like Siachen, special scales of rations are authorised, to cater for the energy expenditure in such conditions.  The energy expenditure and energy intake for troops deployed above 12000 feet as per study conducted by Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) is as under:-

  • Total energy expenditure – 4270 kcal (±550)
  • Total energy intake from existing rations – 5350 kcal

Thus, it can be seen that the calorific intake from the ration is more than adequate.

 A well-established robust mechanism exists to ensure that quality rations meeting the defence food specifications, catering to the troops preference as well as the nutritional requirements are issued at all locations.  In Siachen too, quality rations corresponding to the choice of troops, and their nutritional requirement is always ensured.