• ‘Airlines Are All Sanitising But Only Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Heston Blumenthal Are Actually Disinfecting’
  • Vycel Electrostatic Gun Deploys Disinfecting Mist Like A Heat Seeking Missile Over Every Nook And Cranny Of A Surface With A Dwell Time Of Just 30 Seconds
  • Vycel Handles Air And Surface, Taking It ‘Back To Zero’

Guildford, UK. 26 January 2022. Bunzl, one of the world’s largest cleaning services companies are partnering with Vycel, Britain’s electrostatic disinfection technology provider, to deploy it’s ‘Vycel 4’ to the UK aviation industry.

“Bunzl recognise the fundamental difference between sanitisation and disinfection provided by Vycel Electrostatic technology,” says Vycel Founder and CEO Ken Parker.

Father-of-four Ken Parker also runs Royalton Property Group in Guildford, which has £1 Bn of luxury property in development.

Only commercial kitchens, regulated by Food Standards, are currently required to both clean/sanitise and then disinfect as a totally separate process.

According to Parker: “Britain’s laws around hygiene are so archaic, that we still – in spite of a global pandemic – only require commercial kitchens, by law, to both clean and disinfect environments separately – to make them truly hygienic and take them ‘back to safe’.”

“Vycel is providing ‘Michelin-starred’ disinfection standards of commercial kitchens for airlines.

“If we are now being told we all need to learn to live with the virus, we can’t safeguard ourselves, employees and loved ones against future lockdowns or further restrictions with a mop.”

“We’ve got to get serious about protection. Rapid-to-deploy Vycel electrostatic disinfection technology is the answer.”

“Petrified staff being asked to return to offices need to feel confident that they are being properly protected from viruses in the work environment. They will rightly ask, does this environment carry the Vycel mark of disinfection?”

Parker argues that a multitude of companies from airports to hotels are misselling, making false claims that they are “99.7-99.9% Covid safe”, when in actual fact all they are ‘doing is a once over with a cloth’.

Vycel are educating dentists on the fundamental need for a 2-step hygiene process, the same as adopted by commercial kitchens.

Vycel provides certification adhesives which are being displayed on airlines that use Vycel to protect their crew and passengers.

“Ultimately, there is a fundamental breakdown in terms of understanding the difference between cleaning and disinfecting,” according to Ken Parker.

“Vycel in partnership with Bunzl is changing all of that”.

“The Vycel mark is both an assurance and insurance policy for smart airlines,” says Parker.