Jammu. 02 November 2017. Constable Tapan Mondal attained Martyrdom while on patrol ahead of fence, when Pak Rangers started an uninstigated firing, which forces BSF to carry out calibrated retributive action in Samba Sector and caused serious damage to 2-3 Pak Posts and caused grievous injuries to minimum two Pak Rangers. Retaliatory action continued upto 1400 hrs till Pak side silenced their weapons.

BSF in the gone by summer  proactively tested modern technologies to make border security more robust because barbwire fences are not enough. Intruders cannot go undetected with laser walls in place. The all-terrain and weather-proof ‘Kavach’ laser walls use complex, encrypted technologies to monitor and communicate with the jawan. It massively improves troops’ visibility, patrolling and response capabilities.

The question is when will the decision on the pilot study be taken and the wall be made so that the guarding the border which is not an easy job , where lives are always at stake. It will definitely become easier for our soldiers and be a force multiplier for the force.  Such incidences should get minimised as it should be easier to monitor and keep a tab at the activities on the other side of the wall.