Chicago. 20 October 2020.  Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun has expanded Boeing’s Executive Council.

The following individuals will join the ExCo effective immediately, while also remaining in their current roles and retaining their existing reporting structures:

Uma Amuluru (Compliance)

Grant Dixton (Law)

Dave Dohnalek (Treasury)

Chris Raymond (Sustainability)

Kevin Schemm (Finance)

 The ExCo will also include the recently announced chairs of the Enterprise Process Councils. As established by the executive vice president of Enterprise Operations and chief financial officer, Greg Smith, these councils were designed to further streamline the functional organizations, reduce bureaucracy, and enhance speed and efficiency.

The following leaders will be added to the ExCo for the initial two-year term of their chairmanship:

William Ampofo (Supply Chain)

Mark Jenks (Program Management)

Tony Martin (Quality)

Bill Osborne (Manufacturing)