Yelahanka, Bangalore. 20 February 2019.  AXISCADES announced its partnership with several European OEMs to maintain their equipment in India. These include warranty support, preventive and corrective maintenance, setting up and running regional parts centre and obsolescence management.

India is one of the largest importers of Arms and Weapon Systems worldwide. Global OEMs have been supplying aircrafts, ships, submarines, tanks, armoured vehicles, missile systems and a host of numerous other weapon systems to India. As a result, there is a huge inventory of equipment in India that was supplied by OEMs from abroad. While the ‘O’ level maintenance is invariably undertaken by the Indian armed forces the responsibility of some of the ‘I’ and ‘D’ level maintenance rests with the OEMs. AXISCADES, in its latest initiative, frees the OEMs of the burden of maintenance of these equipment in India.

“AXISCADES has been delivering products and solutions to the Indian Armed Forces as well as foreign OEMs. These include electronics and avionics products, test benches, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, microwave products, simulators and software solutions etc. Over the years, AXISCADES has acquired significant expertise and experience in providing maintenance support to all these equipment globally,” said Sharadhi Babu, Chief Executive Officer, AXISCADES.

The logistics of transporting the equipment from the customer’s location, repair, reconditioning and delivery will be handled by AXISCADES and their value added maintenance is meant to free the OEMs from maintenance issues and focus on their core business. AXISCADES is seen by the foreign OEMs as a trusted strategic partner in providing multilevel maintenance support to a wide variety of equipment and systems on long term basis.