Bengaluru. 20  December  2022.   AXISCADES Technologies Ltd., a pioneer in developing innovative technology solutions for the aerospace industry, has announced that the company has again been selected by Airbus, a global leader in the aerospace industry, to provide engineering services for product design and development and plant engineering for all Airbus aircraft programs.

Commenting on this vital win, David Bradley, Chairman of AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. said, “Over two decades of experience and exposure across various categories of aircraft programs makes us best poised to contribute to Airbus’ vision. AXISCADES will provide the desired value and competitive edge that Airbus seeks through the combination of its deep domain expertise and digital & industry-leading technologies.”

In its relationship of over a decade, this is the fourth time that the company has been awarded a contract by Airbus, for engineering services, with significantly enhanced scope, following a rigorous Joint Sourcing Optimisation campaign. This contract renewal will entail niche engineering services on product development and plant engineering across Fuselage & Wings, covering different locations and divisions.

Commenting on the long-standing partnership with Airbus, Sudhakar Gande, a key Board Member said, “The engagement between the two companies has consistently evolved over the years, towards catering for the challenges Airbus is facing. We are thankful to Airbus for this opportunity and are excited to work together to conceptualise and deliver futuristic & sustainable aerospace solutions.”

AXISCADES was also recently acknowledged by Airbus as a preferred EMES3 (Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Services Strategic Suppliers) supplier owing to its in-depth knowledge of materials, products and procedures, that improve quality while lowering risks, in an efficient and profitable manner.

Arun Krishnamurthi, CEO and MD of AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. said, “Our vision is to reimagine the sector with an industry leader such as Airbus. Being their trusted partner for more than 15 years, the award of this contract makes us incredibly proud. We will continue to address the niche and critical areas of aerospace engineering and expand in domains catering to new technologies and intelligent solutions. Digitisation is the key enabler behind the transformation of the aerospace industry and our engineers are well placed not only to deliver but to also go above and beyond expectations with their unique understanding of Airbus processes & products.”

With its in-house Design Organisation and signatory delegation provided by Airbus, AXISCADES continues to be a strategic partner for Airbus. The company reduces risk through global flexible delivery models that make use of local skilled talent in its European near-shore offices, as well as the massive talent pool in India.