Vienna/Berlin. 22 May 2024 . ASQS, a leading global provider of integrated aviation quality and safety management solutions (QSMS) is thrilled to announce the launch of a new revolutionary iQSMS feature – the Ai Co-Analyst. Developed by Beams Technology, a forward-thinking AI insights provider, the Ai Co-Analyst promises a fundamental shift in the way companies approach hazard identification from incoming reports.

In the aviation industry, safety is paramount, ensuring the preservation of human lives and the smooth operation of global transportation. Safety Management Systems (SMS) integrate safety into every aspect of an aviation organization’s operations, enabling operators to address safety risks systematically and proactively. Central to this process is the collection and analysis of safety reports, which is essential for identifying and managing hazards and risks. However, the challenge lies in analyzing extensive data in real-time to pinpoint risks and predict future threats. A task that exceeds human capabilities, marking the point at which AI steps in to assist.

To facilitate the hazard identification process and transform aviation safety by significantly improving the ability to analyze large volumes of safety reports and data in real time, ASQS, recognized worldwide for its innovative and proven aviation quality and safety management solution iQSMS, has joined forces with Beams Technology, a Berlin-based forward-thinking insights and artificial intelligence company, which has developed in close coordination with ASQS the groundbreaking Ai Co-Analyst.

The Ai Co-Analyst integrates seamlessly with iQSMS, empowering aviation organizations to proactively identify and mitigate potential safety risks, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and elevating overall operational safety.

“Our mission at Beams is to empower safety analysts to adopt proactive and predictive approaches to risk management,” says Alan Sternberg, Co-Founder and CEO at Beams Technology. ” By combining ASQS’s leadership in aviation safety and risk management software with Beams’ cutting-edge AI technology, we are providing the aviation industry with a robust and forward-thinking solution. Together, we are setting new standards for safety and innovation.”

This cutting-edge technology automatically identifies hazards in incoming reports, and provides key insights and updates on the current status of identified risks. The Ai Co-Analyst also maps hazard correlations, and highlights connected hazards and their combined likelihood of occurrence, which enables a better understanding of safety events and facilitates predictive analysis for additional risk assessments that need to be performed based on current events.

Alongside these features, the Ai Co-Analyst provides detailed information on when and where hazards primarily affect the operation, which fleets are most exposed, and provides access to similar events in the past. The innovative AI Spotlight feature further delivers high[1]level summaries that highlight areas of concern for top management briefings.” The Ai Co-Analyst is definitely the most revolutionary feature released in any safety management system (SMS) software globally within the last decade, ” says Günther Schindl, Co-Founder and CEO of ASQS. “We empower iQSMS users through analytical capabilities that provide insights in safety data as it was not seen before. The Ai Co-Analyst will help iQSMS users to make significantly better qualified decisions within a shorter period of time. All of this is only possible through the collaboration of our incredible IT Team and our amazing cooperation partner, Beams Technology.“