New Delhi. 08 June 2024. ” We are now the largest pilot training organization in India and almost around the region geographically. We operate out of three centers now. Greater Noida is, of course, the center where we started from. We expanded in Bangalore last year. Of course, CAE had its own center, but now we have brought it under the CSTPL operations. And during the COVID, we started our new facility in Gurgaon. And I would like to welcome you to have a visit at that facility. And you will see that in spite of the challenge in COVID, we continue to develop that facility. And now today we have 17 base, simulator base for full flight simulators under our operation, out of which 15 are operating. We operate A320s. We operate Boeing 737 MAX. We operate Boeing 737 NG. We recently inducted an ATR 72-600 full flight simulators. And we are so very proud to say that we have been leading this growth and success story of Indian aviation, supporting all the airlines ,” get more insights from Ashwani Acharya Head of JV- BU CAE Simulation Training Pvt Ltd who reaffirms commitment to training Indian Pilots in this Podcast with Sangeeta Saxena, Editor ADU.