Sikorsky S-92 helicopter

Trumbull, Connecticut. 15 August 2019. Sikorsky S-92 helicopter has been certified for expanded brazil operation by ANAC-Brazil, National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil certified the Search and Rescue (SAR) configuration for S-92 which now allows the operation of S-92 helicopter in Brazil all manufacturing versions, consisting of oil and gas conveyance, search and rescue, as well as regional airline passenger service and VIP conveyance. ANAC-Brazil also previously approved 27,700 lbs. Maximum Gross Weight load allowance and Sikorsky’s Rig Approach™ software auto-pilot feature as well, these verifications will extent the full range of capabilities of the S-92A helicopter built by Sikorsky to Brazil.
Adam Schierholz, Sikorsky Regional Executive for Latin America, commented, “For more than 47 years, Sikorsky helicopters have been the workhorses of the Brazilian offshore oil transport market, first with the S-58T in 1972, the S-76® and S-61 since 1979, and over the last 10 years with the larger, further-reaching S-92 heavy aircraft. These new certifications along with the announcement of the forthcoming S-92 A+/B™, help ensure that that the S-92 will continue to be the aircraft of choice in Brazil and around the world for safe, reliable, deep water offshore oil exploration.”
Earlier the S-92 helicopter has already been certified in Colombia and Mexico. Last year, an S-92 blade overhaul capability was opened in Brazil. Sikorsky which a Lockheed Martin company also relocated and extended its Brazil-based Forward Stocking Location, near Brazilian operators, consisting of Lider Aviation, Omni Helicopters International and CHC Helicopter. Currently, total 90 Sikorsky aircraft are being flown by eight brazilian commercial operators. S-92 helicopters are being used for offshore oil worker transformation, these choppers also operate in search and rescue missions, head of state missions, and a variety of transportation missions for utility and airline passengers, and since 2014 around 300 S-92 choppers has been delivered by Sikorsky.