Sangeeta SaxenaHello this is Sangeeta Saxena Editor Aviation & Defence Universe (ADU)  getting you live from Makuhari in Chiba which is the venue for the DSI Japan and we are here on the eve of the show which begins from tomorrow morning. There are still about 15 hours to go but activity that has begun is that you for once at a show you are allowed to enter the corridor and you are inside but media is not allowed inside the show today so I’m getting your live from outside. So it’s a wonderful event to happen in the Indo-Pacific and Japan being a Quad country I being an Indian coming from India which is another QUAD country the event is very important for us and we have a lot of participation which is envisaged as per the organisers. A peep from the glass doors since you’re not allowed to go inside you’ll see all the Americans, the British , the French , the Israelis and many other countries represented  and of course Japan the host country. So in the last DSEI Japan which was 2019 we saw a very heavy Indian contingent, I’m just hoping that this time also there is a very heavy Indian contingent. The show is in Hall 7 and  Hall 8 of the venue which is very huge. It’s such a beautiful location because it’s just across all hotels . Book yourself across , you just walk and you just get down the elevator on the 2nd  floor, walk on the a little bridge over the road and you’re inside the show. It takes such less travel time, so is a real boon there’s no time wastage you can just come you can write it’s a journalist bonanza absolutely where do you know you can come anytime to take any pictures I had come here to click pictures to make videos for the show are which is the making of the show but then you know realise that it’s only for exhibitors but of course I’ll keep getting you a lot of stories from here you already done some interviews and the interviews have been nice enough to come over and in the corridor above at the entrance and they’ve taken their interviews are they’ve given their interviews I’ve taken them and it’s very good to see that you apart from the Kawasaki into Shiba you also have a very major presence from nba presents from nba you’ve got a presence from Mercedes Benz you’ve got a presence from the file you’ve got a presence from bacteria yeah so you know it’s a real nice conglomerate like any should friends I’m looking forward to getting be you and the show live in for the next 3 days which is going to be absolute fun so goodbye for today I’m gonna get you back tomorrow and that’s when the show begins formally. Thank you very much friends. Shall keep gettingb the highlights of the show for you regularly from 15th to 17th March 2023.