Amsterdam. 06 December 2022. Based on its November deliveries of 68 commercial
aircraft and the complex operating environment, Airbus SE considers its target to achieve
“around 700” commercial aircraft deliveries in 2022 to now be out of reach. The final figure
is not expected to fall materially short of the “around 700” delivery target.

Airbus remains committed to delivering its financial guidance as provided at the Nine-Month
2022 results, meaning guidance for EBIT Adjusted and Free Cash Flow before M&A and
Customer Financing remains unchanged.

Taking into account the fact that this complex environment will persist longer than previously
expected, Airbus will be adjusting the speed of the A320 Family ramp-up to rate 65 for 2023
and 2024. Airbus maintains the objective of reaching rate 75 by the middle of the decade.
The full year 2022 Airbus commercial aircraft orders and deliveries will be disclosed – after
audit – on 10 January 2023. Full Year results will be disclosed on 16 February 2023.

In November 2022 Airbus also registered 29 new orders and 14 cancellations bringing the
backlog to 7,344 aircraft.