Los Angeles | Washington dc | Kiev.25 November, 2015. On November 19, 2015, Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) recognized Aeros the producer of the Elevated Early Warning Systems (EEWS) and Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak for leading the first U.S. aerospace and defense firm in support of enhanced Ukraine border security on the US Congressional House floor.
Congressman Sherman called for assistance to protect the freedom and safety of civilians and further efforts to maintain territorial integrity through a strong and secure border, stating: “…I would also like to recognize in our gallery Ukrainian American inventor Igor Pasternak.  His company, Aeros, is the first American firm to provide the Ukrainian government with the military equipment necessary to defend its sovereignty.  Mr. Speaker I urge my colleagues and the administration to redouble their efforts to help Ukraine protect its sovereignty, by providing the Ukraine with the necessary assistance to protect her freedom.

That is why I am pleased to be joined by our guests here today and look forward to working with the Ukrainian government to preserve Ukrainian freedom, and am proud that it is a company from Los Angeles that is the first – and unfortunately as of yet the only company – to provide the Ukrainian government the military equipment it needs.

Aeros produces a unique elevated border surveillance EEWS for persistent border observation, integrating advanced technologies to provide superior area air and surface surveillance and target tracking/ identification for sea, air and land-based vehicles, their movement and direction.
The initial EEWS for State Border Guard Service of Ukraine will enhance the national and civilian protection as part of a series of elevated systems situated at multiple stations, with each strengthening wide area situational awareness capability for the Ukrainian border protection agency.