Annapolis, Md. 23 November , 2015 . Aeromexico is the launch customer for Rockwell Collins’ MultiLink service, following the successful completion of recent trials. The service, announced earlier this year, offers a comprehensive and cost-effective global flight tracking solution.

“We fly a number of routes that are outside U.S. Aircraft Situational Display to Industry (ASDI) radar,” said Benjamín Hernández, Director Corporativo Desarrollo Tecnológico at Aeromexico. “ARINC MultiLink brings together multiple data sources, allowing us to fine-tune the information we receive to reliably report the location of our fleet of aircraft globally.”

“Feedback from our customers is that ARINC MultiLink is an extremely effective way for an airline to improveflight tracking without increasing its data link traffic—and thus costs,” said Yun Chong, vice president, Commercial Aviation Services for Rockwell Collins.

“Aeromexico is currently using Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Web Aircraft Situational Display (WebASD SM ), enabling it to quickly, easily and very cost-effectively deploy our flight tracking solution.”In addition to ARINC WebASD, ARINC MultiLink can be used with Rockwell Collins’ Hermes SkyView display system. For airlines using other aircraft situational display systems, ARINC MultiLink can be provided as a feed that integrates seamlessly.

ARINC MultiLink is designed to support flexible position reporting frequency, enabling it to provide position reports at least every 15 minutes for flight operations in oceanic and other remote areas. Airlines can also receive notifications when an aircraft has unexpectedly stopped reporting positional data or when the aircrafthas deviated from its expected path.