New Delhi. 14 December 2022. In order to meet the challenges presented by this unprecedented growth in air traffic, the Airports Authority of India is undertaking development of infrastructure at the airports, depending upon the commercial viability, traffic demand, availability of land etc.

Further, in order to boost the growth in the aviation sector, AAI and other private airport operators have taken up the development of new and existing airports with a projected capital expenditure of around Rs. 98,000 crore over the next five years.

Government of India (GoI) has accorded ‘In-Principle’ approval for setting up of 06 Greenfield Airports namely, Dholera (at a sanction of Rs.1305 crore) and Hirasar (Rs.1405 crore) in Gujarat, Dagadarthi (Rs.293 crore), Bhogapuram (Rs.2500 crore) and Oravakal (Kurnool) (Rs.187 crore) in Andhra Pradesh and Donyi Polo (Rs.646 crore), Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh during the last 7 years. Out of these, Oravakal and Donyi Polo airports have been operationalised.

Details of major development work carried out by AAI at its airports and details of major works being undertaken by AAI is attached as Annexure – I and II, respectively.

Kailashahar Airport has been earmarked for starting operation under RCS UDAN. AAI has spent more than Rs. 2 crore for renovation of existing Terminal Building which is presently being used for Helicopter operation during VIP movements. The existing runway Length of 800 meter is not suitable for fixed wing aircraft operation. Accordingly, AAI has projected a land requirement of 52 acre for extension of runway from 800 meter to 1200 meter and 17 acre for cityside development of the Airport for operation of ATR type of Aircraft.


Major Works for New Airports/ New Terminal Building- Completed
SN State Airport Name of work Project Cost
(Rs. In Cr.)
1 Punjab Chandigarh Work for establishment of New Civil Enclave at Chandigarh Airport. 452.00
2 Assam Guwahati Modification and expansion of existing Terminal Building at LGBI Airport, Guwahati 10.06
3 Andhra Pradesh Tirupati New Integrated Terminal Building at Tirupati Airport with apron and associated work 174.08
4 Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho Construction work of new Integrated Terminal Building at Khajuraho Airport. 75.32
5 Gujarat Vadodara Construction of New  Expandable Modular Integrated Terminal Building at Vadodara Airport. 160.20
6 Andhra Pradesh Vijaywada Construction of Terminal Building, Ceremonial Lounge and Associated works at Vijayawada Airport – Design & Build 161.64
7 Karnataka Hubli Construction of NTB.ATC tower cum tech block cum fire station, substation & other ancillary buildings and services 36.41
8 Karnataka Belgaum Construction of New Terminal Building, ATC Tower cum Technical Block cum Fire Station, Sub Station and other Ancillary Buildings and Services 37.07
9 Odisha Jharsuguda Development of Jharsuguda Airport for A-320 operations 200.00
10 Sikkim Pakyong C/o new Airport at Pakyong, Sikkim. 605.59
11 Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Facelift works of Terminal Building at Coimbatore International Airport 10.04
12 Kerala Calicut Construction of new International arrival block, Internal Modification of existing International Passengers Terminal Building, Apron and associated works at Calicut Airport 120.19
13 Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Constructrun of New Passenger Terminal Building at Gorakhpur Civil Enclave (Phase-I & II) 22.34
14 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Development of New Civil Enclave at Allahabad Airport – Design & Build (including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Firefighting, HVAC, Airport System, IT, Furniture & Furnishing and other ancillary buildings). 164.07
15 Assam Rupsi Development and operationalization of Rupsi Airport, Assam 69.00
16 Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar Construction of Interim Terminal Building at Kushinagar 27.21
17 Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Development of New Civil Enclave at Bareilly 67.10
18 Uttar Pradesh Hindon Construction of Pre-engineered Airport Terminal Building & associated works at Hindan 46.76
19 Tripura Agartala Construction of” NITB at Agartala Airport 438.28
20 Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Construction of New Domestic Terminal Building and associated works at Coimbatore Airport. 146.00
21 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam Linear Expansion of existing Integrated Terminal Building at C.E Visakhapatnam. 70.86
22 Jharkhand Deoghar Development of Deoghar Airport. 401.34
23 Punjab Adampur Establishment of Civil Enclave at Adampur (Pb.) – on design & Build basis (i/c Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, HVAC Airports System, Furniture and other Ancillary Buildings. 125.00




Major works for New airports/ New Terminal Building – Ongoing
S. N. State  

Name of Work Amount Spent
(Rs. in Cr.)

As on 30.11.22
1 Andaman & Nicobar Port Blair Construction of NITB and allied works 599.30
2 Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada Construction of NITB including Apron, ATC Tower and associated works at Vijayawada Airport. 177.83
3 Arunachal Pradesh Hollongi / Itanagar Construction of New Greenfield Airport at Holongi 547.65
4 Tezu Operationalization/ Upgradation of Tezu Airport, Arunachal Pradesh. 64.46
5 Bihar Darbhanga Development of Darbhanga Airport
SH: Expansion of Existing Pre-Engineered Terminal Building i/c Civil, Electrical, Fire Fighting, HVAC/VRF, Airport System, IT  System, Car Parking & Roads, Boundary Wall, City Side Development & Other Associated Works including modification in existing terminal building on design & build basis.
6 Patna Construction of New Domestic Terminal Building and other structures (Phase I and II) at Patna Airport. 275.02
7 C/o State Govt. Hangars, Flying Club Building, VIP Lounge Building and other associated works. 17.67
8 Construction of ATC control block, Tehnical Block fire station & cargo block. 25.82
9 Gujarat Dholera Development of New Greenfield Airport at Dholera, Ahmedabad (Gujarat). 0.00
10 Rajkot Construction of  Greenfield Airport  at Hirasar (Rajkot). 825.24
11 Surat Extension of Terminal Building at Surat Airport. 161.20
12 Extension of Apron and construction of Parallel Taxi Track at Surat.
13 Construction of Canopy in front of terminal building at Surat Airport. 0.00
14 Goa Goa Extension of Existing Integrated. Terminal Building. 35.06
15 Ladakh (UT) Leh C/o New Terminal Building at Leh Airport. 208.48
16 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Expansion of Civil Enclave at Gwalior Airport
Construction of Terminal Building, Ancillary Buildings, Car Parking, City side Development & other associated works at Gwalior Airport
17 Construction of Apron & Link Taxi including associated works for Parking of 09 Nos. AB-321 type of aircraft at Gwalior Airport, Gwalior
18 Jabalpur Upgradation of Jabalpur Airport for AB-320 type of aircraft
SH. New Terminal building.
19 Upgradation of Jabalpur Airport for AB-320 type of aircraft
SH: Extension of Runway, Construction of of New Apron, Taxi Track & Isolation bay i/c Link taxi, GSE area, Perimeter road & allied works (civil & elect).
20 Manipur Imphal Construction of New Integrated Terminal Building, Control Tower Cum Technical Block, Apron, Link Taxiway and Associated works at Imphal Interntional Airport, Imphal, Manipur 37.98
21 Maharashtra Kolhapur Construction of New Terminal Building. 36.63
22 Pune Construction of New integrated Terminal Building. 271.24
23 Odisha Bhubaneshwar Construction of link building. 22.64
24 Tamil Nadu Chennai Modernization of Chennai Airport (Phase-II), Chennai Airport. 1125.91
25 Trichy Construction of New Terminal Building, Apron, ATC Complex at Trichy Airport. 710.35
26 Tuticorin Development of Tuticorin Airport
SH: Construction of New Terminal Building, ATC Tower cum Technical Block, Fire Station and Associated works including Maintenance, Operation and AICMC at Tuticorin Airport.
27 Development of Tuticorin Airport
SH: Extension of Runway With Blast Pad, RESA, Taxiway, Apron, GSE Area, Isolation Bay and miscellaneous Works.
28 Uttar Pradesh Ayodhya Development of Ayodhya Airport, Uttar Pradesh.
Sh. Construction of Pre-Engineering Building (PEB) and other associated works on Design & Build Basis (EPC)
29 Development of Ayodhya Airport, Uttar Pradesh.
Sh. Pavement, Grading and other in operational area on Design & Build Basis (EPC)
30 Gorakhpur Expansion of Passenger Terminal Building at Gorakhpur Civil Enclave, Gorakhpur 5.49
31 Kanpur Development of Kanpur (Chakeri) Airport 101.83
32 Saharanpur Development of Civil Enclave at Sarsawa 0.06
33 Fursatganj Development of Fursatganj airport for Civil operations 0.00
34 Muirpur
Development of Airport at Muirpur 25.71
35 Uttarakhand Dehradun Construction of Domestic Passenger Terminal Building at Dehradun Airport 400.58


This information was given by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Civil Aviation Gen. (Dr) V. K. Singh (Retd) in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.