Indian Navy's quarantine camp discharges 44 evacuees

Mumbai . 13 April 2020. The Indian Navy Quarantine Facility at Material Organisation, Ghatkopar, Mumbai has silently and successfully completed the task of quarantining 44 evacuees (including 24 women) from Iran. In all, the 44 individuals spent 30 days in the facility commencing 13 Mar 20, ending with each testing negative for COVID-19 on 28 Mar.

A dedicated team of medical staff from the Navy worked tirelessly to monitor the health of the evacuees. They were supported by a team of conservancy personnel and other staff to take care of the cleanliness of the facility, their comfort and well being. The meals provided were prepared under strict supervision and customised to meet any special requirements.

Indian Navy's quarantine camp discharges 44 evacuees

The quarantine facility also catered for amenities to keep the evacuees occupied and comfortable, these included a library, TV room, indoor games, a small gymnasium and limited cricket gear

The nationwide lockdown with limited availability of stores posed additional challenges that were overcome by innovation and resolve. Further, the evacuees’ stay was extended as they had no means of travelling to their homes in Srinagar and Ladakh. Consequently arrangements were made to airlift them using IAF aircraft and on 12 Apr 20, a C-130 aircraft has flown these individuals back to Srinagar. For the return journey, each evacuee was given packed food, refreshments and two hand stitched masks, courtesy NWWA Ghatkopar.

The Indian Navy is committed to assist the national effort in the fight against COVID-19 and stands ready to aid the citizens of India and the civil administration in every manner possible.