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30th December in History

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1906 – Iran becomes a constitutional monarchy

1906 – The All India Muslim League is founded in Dacca, East Bengal, British India Empire, which later laid down the foundations of Pakistan.

1919 – Lincoln’s Inn in London admits its first female bar student.

1922 – Soviet Union organized as a federation of RSFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Belorussian SSR & Transcaucasian SSR

1922 – Creation of the USSR formally proclaimed in Moscow from the Bolshoi Theatre

1924 – Astronomer Edwin Hubble formally announces existence of other galactic systems at meeting of the American Astronomical Society

1938 – Electronic television system patented (V K Zworykin)

1943 – Subhash Chandra Bose raises the flag of Indian independence at Port Blair

1949 – India recognizes People’s Republic of China

1959 – George Washington, 1st ballistic missile sub commissioned

1973 – 1st picture of a comet from space (Comet Kohoutek-Skylab)


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