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2nd December in History

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1804 – Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned emperor of France in Paris

1816 – First savings bank in US opens (Philadelphia Savings Fund Society)

1939 – British Imperial Airways & British Airways merge to form BOAC

1939 – NY’s La Guardia Airport began operations as an airliner from Chicago lands, 1 minute after midnight

1941 – Japanese Admiral Yamamoto sends his fleet to Pearl Harbor

1961 – Fidel Castro declares he’s a Marxist & will lead Cuba to Communism

1969 – Boeing 747 jumbo jet 1st public preview (Seattle to NYC)

1971 – United Arab Emirates (Trucial States) declares independence from UK

1971 – Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujeira, Sharjah & Umm ak Qiwain form United Arab Emirates

1974 – Soyuz 16 launched into Earth orbit for 6 days

1976 – Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba replacing Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado

1990 – First parliamentary election in newly reunified Germany

1990 – First time 12 people in space at the same time


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