1866 – 1st yacht race across Atlantic Ocean

1872 – 1st black US govenor took office, Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback (La)

1901 – Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian electrical inventor, sends the first transatlantic radio signal

1903 – British forces under MacDonald & Younghusband march into Tibet

1909 – Colored moving pictures demonstrated at Madison Square Garden, NYC

1931 – Statute of Westminster gives complete legislative independence to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland (Free State), and Newfoundland (which was not at that time part of Canada)

1936 – Edward VIII announces in a radio broadcast that he is abdicating the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson

1941 – Germany & Italy declare war on USA

1961 – JFK provides US miltary helicopters & crews to South Vietnam
1964 – Che Guevara speaks at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. An unknown terrorist fires a mortar shell at the building during the speech.