Itanagar. 12 September 2020. Recently five individuals from Upper Subansiri District had inadvertently strayed across LAC . Indian Army approached PLA on hotline to trace and return them. On 08 September, response on the hotline confirmed that the missing individuals had been traced.

Indian Army took over all five individuals at Kibitu today after completing all the formalities. Individuals will now be quarantined for 14 days as per COVID-19 protocol and will thereafter be handed over to their family members.

Arunachal Pradesh is known for its rich natural heritage and adventurous people fond of exploring the nature for medicinal herbs and possessing traditional flair for hunting which involves surviving off the land for weeks in jungles and far flung remote areas. During such adventurous forays, at times youth have inadvertently strayed to other side of LAC.

Indian Army has always been proactive in tracing the lost locals and helping them return home. Three such incidents took place in the current year in Upper Subansiri and West Siang District including the latest one. All such individuals were brought back home safely after consistent efforts and coordination by Indian Army in the past.

Indian Army true to its ethos has once again worked tirelessly for the well being of the people of North East.