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Ultra light helicopter VA115 C prototype to receive “Permit to Fly”

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Guangdong,China. 24 March 2017. A prototype of  VA115 Co-axial  ultra light heicopter made by China’s RotorSchmiede, a company division of China’s DEA General Aviation,has been issued with a “Permit to Fly” from LBA, Germany’s Federal Aviation Office.  It becomes the first in a new category of ultra-light helicopters to receive this approval under Germany’s Ultralight Helicopter Regulations (LTF-ULH) first introduced at the end of 2016.

The “Permit to Fly” applies to Prototype PT002 (registration D-MPVA) which is currently undergoing flight testing towards European EASA CS-VLR Very Light Aircraft Certification, supported by LBA, Oskar-Ursinus-Vereinigung (OUV) and Deutsche Ultraleichtflugverband (DULV).  PT002 is one of four prototypes built to date by RotorSchmiede, which have been used in the initial development and proof of concept stages, including component and subsystem trials and ground testing.

The single seat VA115 is a highly capable ultra ight helicopter with an exceptionally lightweight design.  Its co-axial rotor system provides superior handling, stable flight characteristics all contained in a compact size.  In addition to eliminating the need for a conventional tail rotor and its autorotation characteristics, the VA115’s new-generation co-axial rotor system has been designed with innovative safety features such as the new freewheel unit, centrifugal clutch and blade locking system.

On reaching certification the VA115 will be targeted globally at the sports and leisure market as a new type of professionally built co-axial helicopter which is fun and cost effective to own and operate.


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