Shutdown of Unit-1 of KAPS Nuclear Power Plant following an incident of leakage from Coolant System

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Mumbai. 11 March, 2016. The Unit-1 of Kakrapara Atomic Power Station (KAPS), an indigenous 220 MWe Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) underwent an automatic shutdown today at about 0900 hrs, following an incident of a leak from its coolant system. The safety systems of the reactor have worked as intended, including the backup cooling systems.

All the safety functions for the reactor are currently functioning satisfactorily. There has not been any abnormal release of radio activity outside the plant or radiation exposures, as a result of the incident. Unit-2 of KAPS is already under shutdown since July 2015. AERB is monitoring the status of the plant closely. Following the event, a plant emergency was declared. The plant emergency signifies a heightened state of alert for the plant personnel and management.

An expert from AERB is already at the KAPS site and a team of additional experts are being deputed by AERB for independent assessment of the situation at the plant. AERB is also asking the plant to keep the unit under shutdown state till the incident is fully investigated and corrective actions are taken.

The Kakrapar Atomic Power Station is located in the Vyara District of Gujarat, about 80 kms from Surat. KAPS Site has two indigenous PHWR based NPP Units of 220 MWe capacity reactors which were commissioned in the nineties. Two more units of 700 MWe electrical capacity are currently under construction.

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