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4th December in history

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            India celebrates its Navy Day  every year this day

1881 – The first edition of the Los Angeles Times is published

1908 – The world’s ten leading maritime nations attend a Naval Conference in London; they agree on rules for blockade, convoys, and seizure of contraband

1918 – US President Woodrow Wilson sails for Versailles Peace Conference in France, 1st President to travel outside US while in office

1942 – US bombers struck Italian mainland for first time in WW II

1945 – Senate approves US participation in United Nations

1971 – The UN Security Council calls an emergency session to consider the deteriorating situation between India and Pakistan.
1971 – The Indian Navy attacks the Pakistan Navy and Karachi.

1978 – Dianne Feinstein is named as San Francisco’s 1st female & Jewish mayor

1982 – China adopts its constitution

1996 – NASA’s 1st Mars rover launched from Cape Canaveral


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