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18th December in history

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1603 – First fleet of the Dutch East India Compnay under Admiral Steven van der Haghen departs for the East-Indies

1777 – 1st national Thanksgiving Day, commemorating Burgoyne’s surrender

1796 – 1st US newspaper to appear on Sunday (Baltimore Monitor)

1839 – 1st celestial photograph (of Moon) made in US, John Draper, NYC

1849 – William Bond obtains 1st photograph of Moon through a telescope

1913 – The Indian Inquiry Commission, also known as the Solomon Commission, commences its sittings in Pretoria

1958 – 1st voice from space: recorded Christmas message by PresidentEisenhower

1961 – India annexes Portuguese colonies of Goa, Damao & Diu

1982 – Flight readiness firing of Challenger’s main engines; 20 seconds



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